KBC season 4 –you want to be a Crorepati with Rs5 crore

It’s our GK time comes back after a short time interval to make success storys.KBC itself also a success story for Big B .The show changed the life of Amitabh and pulled out from his financial crisis. You have already seen the promo’ of new season and its again time for KBC 4.The most attractive of that show was the game format. The money ladder and the life lines which include audience poll, fify fifty and phone of friend. At the start of KBC2, introduced a new lifeline called "Flip the Question”. and the prize money for season 2 was Rs.2Crores. 

After the season2 the show took a break and the comeback with more festive, KBC season 3 which was hosted by Shah rukh khan, the badshah of bollywood .It was a huge hit and made good TRP rating. Now again Big B comes back for season 4. Amitabh Bachchan contributed his kind of idea in logo designing for the new season. new excitement of the show is Sony Entertainment Channel is planning to launch the show on Big B’s birthday which is on Oct 11, 2010 .let’s wait for the new surprises.

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