Don 2 coming to you :story ,review, trailer

“don ko pakadna mushkil nahin namunkin hai”. absolutely after the long time wait, he come to you to chill. The most stylish movie which was a remake of an old classic one ‘Don’ making his second part.’Don’ released in the year 2006 and it was an all time blockbuster and it’s the reason for its second part.This time also the cute face priyanka chopra is still with SRK.The person who made the gigantic hit ‘Don’,Farhan Akthar is the captain of the new Don. Farhan ,the brilliant director made his first Don a super hit and made a twist in the story from the old don in climax which gave an excitement to the audience who expected to see the old climax again.after SRK ‘s new movie which is a superhero one, we can go for this king to say his trendy dialogs, the chase continuous

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