kamal hassan and rajinikanth in a movie, telling a story

Two legend of Indian cinema in one film which is directed by another legend, Shankar. You can add one more huge one, Sun Pictures .They are behind this project with a budget of 500 Crores. It is the most expensive movie ever made. Its dreamy and larger than life. It’s going to happen soon and coming to you. It may be most excited moment for the audience around the world to see that movie on screen with these legends.Shankar, the director who done Endhiran, the most expensive movie till date comes with another dream project.
Kamal and rajani sharing a screen after a long time. They acted together in movies like ‘16 Vayathinile’(1977),’ moondru mudichu’(1976) etc.After that both two raise to stardom and made their own kingdom .Both of them have a very unique style of acting and performance ,can’t compare with one another.Rajani is like a mass king and done movie which are meant for masses and each of his movie is all time hits.Kamal is doing mixed kind of movies like Some movies for the unique content and some as the Super hit blockbusters.

After 30 years kamal and Rajani comes together. During these years so many requests emerged from the audience and from fans to see a movie with both of them. And here is the perfect end for the long time waiting, their dream comes true through this project. Expectations go on high to the sky end.

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