Top 10 motivational Hindi movies of all time

The movies which is more than entertainment, which inspires the viewers and motivate them. Movies come with self motivation, Motivation for the society and which shows some new ways which they can adapt and to use in practical life. Here is the list of motivational movies which is logically well explained for the practical sense, critically top rated and which is far away from the dramatic dillogical masala movies. The list of Top 10 motivational Bollywood movies of all time is here.

1.3 idiots (2009)

The blockbuster movie which tells the story of 3 engineering students. The movie is not only a motivation one but also gives a new way opening to the education system. It discuss the common problem of students that existing in colleges for a long time and how it get changed because of a student with new ideologies.

2.Chak de india (2007)

Highly inspirational sports film telling the success story of a women’s hockey team.It also portrays the issues relate with sports teams, especially womans team.They got a coach to train them and they overcome all the gigantic problems and make the impossible,possible.Its also a patriotic film too. Each and every sequence of the movie is thrilling and inspiring.

3.Lakshya (2004)

The movie with two way motivation thoughts, self one with the team work and the love for ones country. It tells the story of an aimless lazy boy get back to life and makes a goal to achieve it. Treated in a realistic way and got a good story line.

4.Lagaan (2001)

It’s a period film, tells the story of people in a village at the time of British rule in India. How they get motivated by a villager named Bhuvan and win the game of cricket which is unknown to them. Its truly inspiration one to fought against difficulties and injustice. The movie tells the tag lines with the story that” Sach aur saahas hai jiske mann mein Ant mein jeet usiki rahe” (He, who got truth and courage in his mind,wins at last).

5.My name is khan (2010)

A motivation story for all mankind. Its more than a motivation story which tells the story of Khan, who in search of his love and go for a journey to keep his word. It a great inspiration story how a person change people’s aspects and broke the  barriers and make the impossible, possible.

6.Taare zameen par  (2007)

A motivation story for students. The film also go through the problems relate with children’s because of the education system. The movie tells the story of Ishaan Nandkishore Awasthi,an eight year old boy facing challenges as a student and it well portrays the usual school life and problems that relate with the childrens.

7.Guru (2007)

The story about a person who chasing his dreams and became the biggest industrialist and business man. It deals with his difficulties he faced to achieve his goal as from family, society and political side and how he overcome all those ones. 

8.Black (2005)

It’s an adaption of a true story. A story about a girl who is blind and deaf getting a teacher and how he makes her compete with the world. The challenges she faced because of her disabilities and how she overcome and finally succeeds in life.

9.Yuva (2004)

A story about 3 youngsters with different viewpoints on life.It tells how a person fought against the usual political system and who stand for the goodness of society and his will power to change the entire political system for peoples goodness.

10.Jo jeeta wohi sikandar.(1992)

It’s a sports film with marathon cycle race. It also the story between the students from different colleges from the same location .The movie with a good storyline and a thrilling climax at the end.

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