endhiran review first day…from theatre...the most hyped one

Be aware of the claps and noise, u may not hear the dialogs fully.That kind of huge response is coming from the audience. As Shankar, the director said it’s a new robo theme which we never see in Hollywood movies. The visual effects team  made a good work that stand alone with Hollywood screens. The man behind all is, absolutely the superstar Rajani, who got such a great market value that not any Indian star got. This element is creating the endhiran mania all over the world.

The major credit goes to sun pictures for making all this things happen and for producing the most expensive movie ever made in Asia. The next star of the movie is the giant visual effects .The idea and the outlines are 100%unique and can’t even compare with the usual Hollywood ideas. Another thing is songs. Like usual Shankar movies it also takes on the hype of it with the mass effects with ar rahman’s tunes.

For the audience its 100 % worth for the money they put to buy the tickets.Its absolutely a new experience and its more than a movie.

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