5 crazy surprise facts of endhiran revealed

1. The First option for Title role of the film was kamal Hassan.but it didn’t happened due to scheduling issues. Then the second option was the Shahrukh khan and it also not happened .Then comes the superstar Rajani kant

2.The negative role in the film was first opted for Amitabh bachan.The director Shankar and Rajani also so excited to see Amitabh in the film and which will be the union of two superstars of Indian cinema.But as per Amitabh’s perception negative roles as he done in movies was not that much accepted by audience .so they dropped it.

3. The most expensive movie made in Asia. The most exciting fact is that its made in a regional language. but as far as Rajani ,the star got as much exposure all over the world, so that key element for making such a huge film

4. The first film ,got songs visualized in Machu Pichu and Brazilian desert oasis.The song kadal anukal is picturised Brazilian desert oasis and the song Kilimanjaroo in Machu Pichu

5.The visual effects. The Hollywood team Stan Winston Studio working first time for a regional movie to create the massive effects in the film.

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