Top 10 Thriller mystery movies you must watch

Are you crazy about thrillers? especially the mystery ones that surprises and thrills you? Here are the top 10 mystery thrillers of world cinema. The first thing is that each movie listed here is 100% logically explained and gives you perfect answers to your doubts and questions. The movies from different languages included here for its better content and the thrilling effect. For better experience watch the movies with subtitles if you don’t know the language.

1. Memento (English)-(2000)

You find a different kind of viewing experience watching this one. It the best one for the chronological order to keep the suspense till the end. This from Christopher Nolan the master director of Thrillers. A different story pattern you can see in this movie.

Tipsy: memory makes everything, if you don’t have that one with you then 

2. Orphan (English)-(2009)

Simple one, which will thrill you at the end. It’s normally arranged and has a plain story telling structure. It’s a horror kind of subject.

Tipsy: there is something  wrong with her  

3. Shutter island (English)-(2010)

If you not watched memento, then go for this one, give you the perfect thrilling experience. Its psychological thriller starring leonardo dicaprio.

Tipsy: the island is somewhat a mystery, then to chase for another mystery

4.Karthik calling Karthik(Hindi)-(2010)

The movie which opened a new way to thrillers and tells how a movie can be made with no confusing scenes and twists and it will take you on top of excitement.

Tipsy: if you are an introvert and facing failures and nobody to help .but somebody gives you all solutions through your phone but Who's on the line,  who's calling

5. The prestige (English)-(2006)

Are you searching for secrets and  searching for the real mystery behind the things ,you watch go for this one.

Tipsy: are you watching closely? You can’t do, if you do

6. Bhoot (Hindi)-(2003)

It’s a horror subject and a scary one. It’s better to be watched in theatres for its excellent sound effects

Tipsy: whom you gonna trust?  a reality or

7. EE thanutha veluppan kalathu(Malayalam)-(1990)

You never predict the suspense sure at any cost. An investigative story searching for a criminal.

Tipsy: give you all the suspect ,choose one ,anyway  your answer is  wrong.

8. Zodiac (English)-(2007)

A psycho thriller movie based on real incidents.

Tipsy:gives you code to find ,just try it

9. Manichthrathazhu (Malayalam)-(1993)

The movie which is unique for its subject and a blockbuster of all time. The movie got the record for remaking into more languages and made success in all those ones

Tipsy:when things go illogical then find the logic behind

10. Inception (English)-(2010)

The brilliant movie ever made with an assistance of fiction made with dreams. It’s from the Christopher Nolan the director who made great thrillers with such nice themes and content. The movie contains a star cast of leonardo dicaprio,Ken Watanabe

Tipsy:are you still dreaming?

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